Tamarack Resort: The perfect mountain wedding weekend getaway

Wedding reception guests mill about the Tamarack Resort wedding venue plaza

The perfect wedding venue for a mountain getaway, Tamarack Resort

Tamarack Resort Overview

One of the premier choices for couples getting married, Tamarack Resort is a great venue for a mountain wedding. Tamarack Resort is located right outside of Donnelly, and is primarily a ski resort. It’s just a couple of hours outside of Boise, so guests have the option for an easy drive if they don’t want to stay. Weddings are hosted in The Arling Center, which is modeled after the old town of Arling. Arling was dismantled and flooded in the 1930’s when Lake Cascade was turned into a reservoir. The Arling Center holds The Grange, which is a beautiful indoor ballroom. It also holds the plaza, which is often used a reception space. There is also the beautiful white chapel, and the north lawn, both primarily used for ceremonies. If you are looking for a mountain wedding, while still keeping that traditional wedding vibe, Tamarack Resort is a great option.

Photo of Tamarack Resort's wedding venue chapel


Since Tamarack is a resort, lodging for all your loved ones is made easy. Stay at The Village, or The Lodge at Osprey Meadows, or rent out a gorgeous private cottage or estate home. No worries about finding transportation after a wild night getting a bit too tipsy on the dance floor.

Although the Arling Center is the most common area for ceremonies, you can still choose to make your wedding at Tamarack unique to you. You can get married in one of the many meadows located on the property. Or you can head over to the marina and say your vows on the lake. You can even take the chairlift up to get married on the mountaintop.

Tamarack Resort offers catering for your wedding, and they offer a private tasting with their head chef so you can select the menu for your guests. They also offer the services of their wedding coordination team to help coordinate your wedding. They do recommend working with a wedding planner if you are looking for someone that can go a little more in depth on the details. If you’re looking for something a little simpler though, then the coordination team at Tamarack will do a great job.

Other Considerations

Tamarack Resort is primarily a ski resort, so keep in mind the resort could be quite busy during the wintertime. Conditions during winter are also pretty unpredictable, so if you are hoping for a winter wedding be prepared for anything!

Guest dancing on the dance floor at the plaza in Tamarack

Real Wedding at Tamarack Resort

One of the biggest things that stuck out from Amanda and Jeremy’s Tamarack Resort wedding was just how much fun everyone was having. It was clear that Amanda and Jeremy focused on making their wedding day as fun as possible for each and every one of their guests.



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