Sixty Chapel: The perfect venue for a weekend wedding experience

Sixty Chapel, your weekend wedding getaway


Sixty Chapel is a wedding venue located in Garden Valley. This venue opened its doors in 2018, but is already considered a number one choice for couples looking to get married in Idaho. Located just an hour outside of Boise, the 47 acres Sixty Chapel sits on will make you feel like you’re much further away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

One thing that sets Sixty Chapel apart, is that they want to make your wedding experience different from traditional wedding venues. Booking with them ensures you have access to all 47 acres of land for your entire wedding weekend, Friday through Sunday. With so much land and time to work with, you can be sure your wedding will be unique and unlike anything you may have experienced before.


As stated above, with your booking you get all 47 acres of space for the entire weekend. They also offer lodging through the weekend with up to 32 guests indoors, and up to a total 50 guests with additional camping or RV’s. One of the biggest complaints couples have about their wedding is that it goes by in such a flash. Being able to hang out with your loved ones throughout the entire weekend is one way to make the most out of such a special time!

In addition to all this, Sixty Chapel provides 18 wooden farm tables and seating for 150. They also provide bar service, and set-up and tear down of tables and chairs. If you want to upgrade your package Sixty Chapel also offers full service planning and design, or month of coordination.


Pricing for the basic package begins at $12,500. The upgraded package with the added month of coordination is $15k, and the upgraded package with design and planning added is $17.5k

Other considerations

Pups are welcome on the property during the ceremony, however they are not able to stay as overnight guests. You may need to have your pup stay off-site with a trusted loved one, or hire someone to come pick them up for boarding.



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