Lakeside Tacoma Elopement | Christina + Jared

elopement floral bouquet rests on a chair during a lakeside tacoma elopement

A beautiful Lakeside Tacoma Elopement on a hazy fall day

We first met Christina and Jared a while back when they reached out to us about doing an engagement session in Seattle. They were down for an epic snowy adventure, and we became fast friends.

They were well on their way to planning their gorgeous Hawaii wedding when COVID hit. I know it must have been super hard on them, having to cancel such an amazing destination wedding. They still wanted to get married for their 5 year anniversary, so they opted to stay in Seattle, but still managed to pull off a gorgeous lakeside Tacoma elopement at the cutest little Airbnb.

Of course, the weekend of their elopement happened to be the peak of the worst wildfires to hit the PNW, with the air quality index literally being off the charts dangerous. J had also recently had throat surgery, so the smoke was probably not the best for healing that up. But nothing could stand in the way of getting these two married! C got ready in the living room of the Airbnb, with a gorgeous window view of the lake. Alxandra Victoria (@seattlebridal_hair), and Shalonda Peguero (@seattle_mua) were there to help C with her hair and makeup, and did a great job enhancing C’s natural beauty. J was getting ready in one of the other rooms of the house, and we were able to sneak him out to the dock to get ready for their first look and their ceremony. When C was ready and in her dress, we made sure to capture her in front of the picture perfect windows of the house before we started the ceremony. Then, armed with our face masks pulling smoke and Covid duty, we started off with a first look between C+J.

After they had their moment together, we started off the ceremony. Although I admit I tear up for almost every couple’s vows, this one was quite beautiful to watch. We had all become such good friends, they had shared with us the ups and downs of a terrible year, and we had been supporting each other and cheering each other on from afar for over a year. They read such beautiful vows, and I am so glad Michael and I were able to be witness to such a magical declaration of love to each other.

After the ceremony, C+J cut their delicious cake from Celebrity Cake Studios, and popped some champagne to celebrate as the sun went down. Before we finished up the festivities, C brought out her cute little surprise gift to J: two custom made funko pops of them in their wedding attire!

I am so glad that we were able to be a part of C+J’s special day. Although it was quite different from what they originally had planned, it turned out to be a gorgeous lakeside Tacoma elopement, and a day I hope they will treasure for the rest of their lives.

xx Jackie

wedding bouquet made by Crane's creations in tacoma
bride looks back at her wedding bouquet in front of a large window at the airbnb for her tacoma elopement
Wedding Hair stylist Alxandra Victoria takes a photo of the Tacoma elopement bride after finishing getting her ready
Hair stylist helps do up the buttons on the brides wedding dress before the elopement ceremony begins
bride looks out the window at the picturesque Tacoma lake before her elopement ceremony begins
bride looking out at American lake waiting for her elopement ceremony in Tacoma to begin
bridal portrait before the elopement ceremony
bride holds her Crane's Creations wedding bouquet before her lakeside Tacoma elopement ceremony begins
groom stands on the dock at American Lake in Tacoma waiting for the bride for the first look
bride and groom kiss on the dock on American lake during the first look for their lakeside Tacoma elopement
bride and groom smile during their lakeside Tacoma elopement ceremony as the elopement officiant speaks
bride and groom laugh together with American Lake in the background during their lakeside Tacoma elopement
bride and grooms first kiss after their elopement ceremony
newlywed couple walks together away from American Lake
bride and groom sign their marriage certificate on the dock of American lake
bride and groom kiss while holding their marriage certificate after their Tacoma elopement
photo of elopement cake made by celebrity cake studio in Tacoma
newlywed couple shares their first slice of wedding cake together made by celebrity cake studio in Tacoma
close up photo of the wedding cake by celebrity cake studio in Tacoma
bride and groom laugh together as they prepare to pop the champagne after their lakeside Tacoma elopement
champagne spray by the bride during the elopement reception in Tacoma
bride pours champagne into her groom's mouth during their lakeside Tacoma elopement
bride and groom pose with custom made funko pops of themselves during their lakeside Tacoma elopement


Officiant: Frank Harlan Florals: Crane’s Creations Bride’s Dress: Natasha’s Elegant Bridal Suit: Nordstrom Makeup: Shalonda Peguero Hair: Alxandra Victoria Jewelry: Federal Way Custom Jewelers



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