Tamarack Resort Wedding – The Montierths

Mother of the groom puts on the groom's boutonnière while the groom gets ready in The Grange for the Tamarack Resort wedding

We didn’t actually meet Amanda and Jeremy until we headed up for their Tamarack Resort wedding. Typically we are able to meet with our couples before-hand whether that be for an engagement shoot, or meeting up for coffee. That didn’t stop Amanda from greeting us with hugs that made us feel as though we’ve known each other for years. 

Getting Ready

The day started out in Amanda’s cabin at Tamarack Resort with some of her closest friends and family. After her own hair and makeup was finished, Amanda began working on her mother’s makeup. Watching her interact with her loved ones, it was easy to see what a caring person she was. Even on a day that should be all about her, she was making sure everyone else had what they needed.

We captured Amanda being helped into her dress and accessories by her soon to be sisters-in-law. Then we headed over to meet Jeremy at The Grange, one of the venue buildings.

After meeting Jeremy, it was clear that he was just ready to do one thing that day; marry his best friend, his love, his life, Amanda. His best man and mother were right there by his side, helping him get ready and to support him.

The Wedding Ceremony

Jeremy’s reaction to seeing Amanda walk down the aisle for the first time was nothing short of emotional. Their ceremony was fun and filled with laughs, and just as wild as their personalities were. Even so, that did not overshadow the love they had for each other. Seeing them getting emotional during their vows made us realize just how much these two cared for each other. After their ceremony, we snuck off for some couple photos, and they spontaneously had a private first dance before they were called to the reception. 

The Reception at Tamarack Resort

One of the biggest things that stuck out from their Tamarack Resort wedding was just how much fun everyone was having. It was clear that Amanda and Jeremy focused on making their wedding day as fun as possible for each and every one of their guests. The dance floor was filled with people (slightly tipsy) having the time of their lives. 

After a quick cool down, Amanda and Jeremy met atop the mountain side for some photographs together. Surrounded by the trees and engulfed by the love that they share, they danced together until the sun set. 

xx Michael

Bridal bouquet from petal works design, shoes, rings, and earrings during the Tamarack Resort wedding
Black and white photo of bride and groom's rings sitting on bride's shoes with earrings in front
Detail photo of bride's rings sitting in a box filled with lavender
Detail shot of bride's shoes with engagement ring and wedding bands on a Tamarack cabin table
Bride's BB bridal gown hangs from a beam on the cabin patio at the Tamarack Resort wedding
Full length photograph of BB Bridal gown hanging from a beam on the wedding cabin's patio
The groom sits on a chair inside of the grange at tamarack and ties his shoes as he waits for the Tamarack Resort wedding ceremony to begin.
Groom sits in the grange fixing his cuffs on his dress shirt
Black and white photo of groom's mother pinning his boutonniere on his lapel before the ceremony begins
Groom hugs his mother in the grange while they wait for the wedding ceremony to begin
Bride gives a gift to her mother while she is getting ready for her Tamarack Resort wedding
Bride gets into her wedding dress as she holds hands with her future sister-in-law in front of the cabin patio doors.
Bride puts on her earrings as she gets ready for her wedding ceremony in her Tamarack cabin
Mother of the bride helps bride with her jewelry as she gets ready for her Tamarack Resort wedding ceremony
Bride stands in front of her cabin porch doors after she is finished getting ready
Future sister-in-law helps the bride put on her shoes before the wedding ceremony
Bride sits in a chair on the cabin porch and shows off her heels which say I Do on them for her Tamarack Resort Wedding
Bride has a first look with her father at the Tamarack Resort chapel
Father kisses his daughter on the cheek after he sees her in her wedding gown for the first time
Chairs and archway ceremony set up at the Tamarack Resort wedding ceremony location
Close up photo of the archway florals by Petal Works Design
Petal works design florals installed on a wedding arch at Tamarack Resort
Groom walks with his mother down the aisle with the Tamarack chapel in the background
Groom walks down the aisle with his mother during a Tamarack Resort Wedding ceremony
Flower girl and ring bearer walk down the aisle together with guests taking photos during a Tamarack Resort Wedding
ring bearer and flower girl approach the front archway while the ring bearer hands over the wedding rings to the officiant
Bride and her father walk down the aisle with the Tamarack resort chapel in the background
Father of the bride gives her over to her groom as they approach the floral archway by Petal Works Design at the Tamarack Resort Wedding
Officiant and best man shows off his temporary tattoo of the bride and the groom that he put on his lower back
Groom tears up and wipes at his eyes as he reads his vows to his bride during the Tamarack Resort Wedding
Bride and groom share their first kiss together as the best man and officiant fist pumps behind them
Bride and groom celebrate as they walk back down the aisle as newlyweds. Bride throws her Petal Works Design bouquet up in the air
Newlyweds smile at their guests as they make their way back down the aisle
Bride and Groom stand together closesly as the camera zooms in on the bride's wedding rings
BB Bridal gown train fans out on the grass as the newlywed couple looks at each other and smiles
Detail shot of the bride's wedding rings, bracelet and her tattoo, which states Love is my religion at the Tamarack Resort Wedding
Newlyweds share a kiss together as they wait for their reception to begin
Shot over the groom's shoulder of the bride, with her wedding rings, bracelet and Love is my Religion tattoo in focus
Bride looks up at her new husband as he puts a piece of lavender in her hair after their wedding ceremony
Petal Works Design floral centerpiece on the sweethearts table
Black and white detail shot of the sweethearts table petal works design centerpiece and lavender and white place settings
Classic wedding seating chart on wood pallet
Sweethearts table looking out onto the Tamarack Resort Arling Center reception space
Detail shot of the wedding card box for guests who bring cards with the Arling Center chapel in the background
Simple and classic place settings with twigs of lavender at the arling center reception space
Petal Works Design centerpiece on the sweethearts table at The Arling Center reception space
Tamarack resort wedding open bar
Photo of The Arling Center chapel as the sun is setting
The Tamarack Resort Arling Center wedding reception space filled with guests
Bride and Groom are introduced for the first time as husband and wife during the reception
Newlyweds share their first dance on the dancefloor at the Arling Center wedding reception space
Mother and son dance together during the wedding reception
Children play Connect 4 during the wedding reception, with rented wedding games
Wedding cake with pine tree cake topper and lavender pieces
Newlyweds share and feed each other wedding cake after the cake cutting
Bride gets wild on the dance floor at The Arling Center with the DJ Directly Driven Productions at the Tamarack Resort Wedding
Wedding guests dancing and getting crazy on the dance floor, with the arling center chapel in the background
Best man shows off his nipple and temporary tattoo as other guests form a train behind him on the Arling center dance floor at the Tamarack Resort Wedding
Two wedding guests have fun dancing together during the reception at the Tamarack Resort wedding
Bride and friend drop it low with drinks in hand as they dance to the music provided by Directly Driven Productions DJ
Bride and groom sneak away for sunset photos and snuggle closely together with the Tamarack resort mountain in the background
Bride and groom kiss after sneaking away from their reception as the sun sets over the Tamarack ski mountain

Venue: Tamarack Resort | Planner: Kenna Burgard of McCall Weddings | Officiant: Taylor Shupe | Florist: Petal Works Design | Catering: Tamarack Resort | Bar Service: Tamarack Resort | DJ: Directly Driven Sound Productions | Rentals: McCall Party Rentals | Hair: Lyndsay Scott | Makeup: Megan R. | Dress: BB Bridal | Stationery: Zola



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