Why we love Basic Invite’s invitation suites, and save the date online options

Basic Invite Wedding invitation flatlay save the date

When thinking about all the different expectations that come with planning your wedding, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed at the prospect of all the little details that you are expected to include. There are big things that you aren’t likely to forget and are often the most fun part of planning a wedding, like your wedding attire. There are also tiny things that you don’t realize could be important, like designated pens for guests to sign the guestbook.

We highly recommend working with a planner, to help you relieve your stress and actually enjoy your wedding or elopement, but we know this isn’t always feasible. If you aren’t able to work with a planner and are facing the daunting task of planning and hosting what is likely the biggest party of your life, then let us give you a little tip to make things a bit easier.

Basic Invite save the date

As we said, there are an overwhelming amount of details in planning a wedding, and not only that, but there are thousands of vendors you may have to sift through in your area alone. Most vendors that you come across will likely not fit the exact vibe and aesthetic you are going for. This can result in a lot of time wasted researching and communicating with someone just to realize that they aren’t the right fit for you. Instead, we suggest hitting up the vendors you have already booked with for their recommendations.

If you have already fallen in love with a particular vendor that you believe perfectly fits your vision for your wedding, and has the exact style you are going for, then asking for their recommendations will make things a lot easier for you. They have worked with other people in the industry, and already know who has a similar style to them.

flatlay of invitation suite from basic invite

As much as we root for every vendor with their own unique style in the industry, we also believe in only recommending vendors that are similar to us in terms of aesthetic, quality, and value. I would hope that most other vendors would be doing the same. Regardless, we do enjoy helping ease our couples’ stress any way that we can, and we try to provide great recommendations suited to their wedding or elopement when asked.

Wedding Invitation detail shot of Basic Invite Save the Date options

One recommendation we wanted to share is a great option for almost all types of weddings. For custom invitations and stationery, we love to recommend Basic Invite. This company has over 900 wedding invitation sets that are fully customizable. While they do have some amazing designs, what I love about them is that every little detail on their invitation sets can be customized to suit your needs, with over 180 different color options. We love that you aren’t stuck with whatever designs they have, but rather you can ensure that the cards or invites can be exactly how you want it, down to the smallest detail.

Wedding Invitation suite save the date

We really enjoy seeing how many of our clients utilize their engagement pictures for their save the date cards. Basic Invite save the date online cards make this super easy with some beautiful designs and options for post cards, photo cards, or save the date magnets. One of my favorite designs is their Polaroid save the date magnet, which I think is so cute to have up on your fridge. And for those of you going for a rustic or outdoorsy wedding, definitely check out their selection of Basic Invite rustic save the date cards, there are a lot of great options!

Save the date card from basic invite

Although we really like the Basic Invite save the date options, they offer a ton of other types of stationery that isn’t limited to weddings. They offer invitation sets for other big life events, like graduation, baby announcements, holidays, birthdays, and even cards for your business. To make it easier on you, they also offer free event websites as well.

If you are looking for invitations and stationery that is not only beautiful, but also thoughtful in helping you create the invitation set you are looking for, we definitely recommend Basic Invite. Hopefully this can help you cross one more item off of the never ending wedding to-do list! Don’t forget to save a clean set for your photographer to style and photograph on your wedding day!

close up of a decorative card for a Basic Invite invitation suite and save the date
Wedding Invitations response card from Basic Invite
Basic Invite save the date invitation suite



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