Anniversary Party at the Linen Building – Colleen + Jonathan

couple smiles with their daughter during their anniversary party at the linen building

One thing we love to stress is the idea that your elopement, wedding, or in this case anniversary bash, should be unapologetically you. We have seen plenty of couples being pushed into doing things they don’t necessarily want to do simply because it is expected of them.

In case you haven’t heard it yet, we want you to know that what your parents/grandparents/relatives want does not matter.

Your big day is about you and your partner. What elements would make your day perfect? What kind of celebration do you think would be a perfect representation of who you are as a couple? Maybe to you that means an ice cream bar instead of a wedding cake. Or maybe an early morning ceremony with a waffle themed brunch reception. Or maybe it means running off to the Dolomites to have an intimate ceremony then stuffing yourself with wine, pizza, and pasta.

Sure you may ruffle some feathers at first, but most people do come around to your way of thinking. It encourages them to remember what the day is all about; to celebrate you in your own unique way!

What we absolutely loved about Colleen and Jonathan’s day is that they showcased their amazing personalities in the most epic ways. Every detail was meticulously thought out and had a sweet and sincere reasoning behind it. They chose to host their anniversary party at The Linen Building in downtown Boise.

When we first arrived we noticed the amazing and eccentric decor. They combined several different elements on each table that didn’t seem like they would go together, but they totally did. One thing that we absolutely loved was the spray painted pink toy dinosaurs that they included on each table. Colleen told us that she’s a collector of weird and random things, and that while out for a walk one day she found a plastic toy dinosaur discarded and left for dead. She rescued it, then went home and spray painted it, where it ended up living in their house as a quirky piece of decor.

Colleen and Jonathan made sure everything was in order, and once little Viv made her appearance, we headed outside for some family shots before the guests began arriving.

whimsical decor on the tables at the linen building during an anniversary party
photo of a young child sucking her fingers while waiting for her parents during their anniversary party at the linen building

Soon after the sun set, the guests began arriving and we headed inside. Colleen and Jonathan started out the evening greeting everyone, chit chatting, and directing their guests over to the amazing wine offered by Split Rail Winery. After some socializing, everyone began drifting towards the buffet table and taking their seats to eat. C+J used this time to pass out packets of trivia for each table, something that the two of them enjoy doing together.

A cacophony of laughter and excited chatter filled the room, as the groups worked to fill out the answers in between bites of food and sips of wine. Jonathan had a playlist of awesome music going, and the show Aqua Teen Hunger Force was playing on the projector behind them. Michael used to watch this show as well, but it seems it is not a show that is very widely known. When C+J first met, they found out that they both LOVED watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force, which definitely shows they were meant to be, considering the people around them didn’t care for the show at all.

After a while, the trivia packets were turned in and graded, and Jonathan played trivia host and went through the answers and the funniest responses, to much uproarious laughter. Afterwards, we all listened as several of C+J’s closest friends gave heartwarming speeches about them. It is easy to see that C+J are soo loved by so many, and definitely easy to see why. They are such kind and genuine people, you know that they would do anything for the people they care about.

As the speeches came to an end, C+J passed out cookies for dessert. The lights dimmed and everyone headed to the dance floor to dance the night away to some awesome 80’s music.

C+J’s anniversary party at the Linen Building was definitely one for the books. We loved how authentic the entire night was, and how they only incorporated things that they really enjoyed and wanted to do. We loved seeing their personalities shine through in everything they did. We’re so glad we were able to spend the night capturing Colleen and Jonathan and their closest friends and family.

xx Jackie

father dances with his daughter during an event at the linen building in downtown boise
family takes portraits outside of the linen building in downtown boise during their anniversary party
family laughs together during their anniversary party at the linen building in downtown Boise
couple laughs together before the anniversary party at the linen building begins
couple walks with their daughter outside of the linen building with the modern hotel in the background
couple laughs together outside of the linen building before their anniversary party begins
guests chat amongst themselves during the anniversary party at the linen building in boise
anniversary party at the linen building
couple toasts to their friends during their anniversary party at the linen building



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