Wedding at Beside Bardenay – Sumr + Kyle

Groom adjusts the watch on his wrist as he prepares for his wedding at Beside Bardenay

It’s not often that we get a chance to capture city weddings. Being located in the Pacific Northwest we are often out somewhere in the mountains, canyons, or alongside a river. Sumr and Kyle’s downtown Boise wedding was the first in a few years. But their beautiful wedding at Beside Bardenay reminded me just how fun a wedding in the city can be.¬†

Getting Ready

We started the day heading over to the Residence Inn by Marriott located on the corner of Capitol and Myrtle St. Kyle and Sumr were getting ready in their own suites there, just a couple of blocks away from their wedding venue. We took some photos of each of them getting ready for the day, and soon they were ready for their first look. They had decided they wanted to see each other for the first time in their wedding attire on a balcony on top of the hotel.

After some struggling to get everyone up and down the elevator, Sumr and Kyle had a peek of each other in front of their wedding party. Kyle’s reaction was nothing short of pure excitement and surprise. It still amazes me just how nervous he had been all morning, only to completely open up after they were finally together. His love for Sumr was apparent the moment he laid eyes on her.

Downtown Boise Wedding at Beside Bardenay

After spending some time together, we all headed down to the downtown Boise wedding venue, Beside Bardenay. We crossed some streets and passed numerous strangers all congratulating Sumr and Kyle and wishing them the best. Sumr was glowing as she walked through the streets of Boise, a city that she told us she adores. All I could think about was that this entire experience was so them.

Their ceremony was filled with emotion. From their family and friends who so obviously cared about them, to the beautiful vows they swore. They lead multiple people in attendance to tears. Together they stood in front of a gorgeous brick backdrop under the twinkle of rustic lights, surrounded by love. Once they sealed their love with their first kiss, they brought out a couple of tequila shots to seal their marriage in their own non-traditional way. After toasting to each other and knocking back their shots, they began their journey together.

Sumr and Kyle consider themselves to be major foodies, so after taking a bite of cake they picked out some delicious donuts from Pastry Perfection to share. Finally, they spent the rest of the night dancing and drinking with their friends and family. It was a perfect way to spend a lovely night in the city. 

xx Michael

Groom begins to put his suit jacket on as he is getting ready for his wedding day at the residence inn in downtown boise
Best man helps the groom with his tie as he gets ready for his downtown Boise wedding day
Groom sits on the hotel couch and adjusts his shoes as he gets ready for the wedding day
Groom buttons up his suit jacket as he gets ready for his wedding in downtown Boise
Groom adjust his sleeves as he gets ready for his downtown Boise wedding
Groom and his groomsmen share a beer together as they prepare for the downtown Boise wedding day to begin
Detail shot of bride's vow book, shoes, wedding ring and jewelry before the wedding at beside bardenay
Bride's David's Bridal dress hangs on a hook over the hotel room door as she gets ready for the day
Detail shots of the bride's floral bouquet, shoes, and accessories as she gets ready for her downtown boise wedding day
Locket memory photo attached to the bride's wedding bouquet during the wedding at beside bardenay
Bridesmaid sits on the couch and eats chicken nuggets as the bride's dog watches her eat in the getting ready suite
Photo of the bride's dog watching as the bridesmaids get ready for the wedding day
Maid of Honor laces up the bride into her wedding gown as they get ready for the wedding at Beside Bardenay
Bride puts on her earrings as she is getting ready for her downtown boise wedding
Bride smiles and looks down as she waits for her first look for her wedding at Beside Bardenay
Groom stands overlooking the city of Boise as he waits for his Bride
Bride begins walking towards the downtown Boise Residence Inn balcony to see her groom for their first look
Bride taps on the groom's shoulder as he waits over looking downtown Boise for their first look
Groom has a shocked expression on his face as he turns around from the downtown Boise views to look at his bride.
Groom reaches out for a hug after seeing his bride for the first time on the Residence Inn balcony
Groom looks down at his bride to see her dress during their first look with downtown Boise in the background
Bride and groom share a kiss on the balcony of the Residence Inn in downtown Boise as they wait for their ceremony to begin
Bridesmaid and groomsmen take photos of the wedding couple as they wait for the wedding ceremony to begin
Bride and groom laugh together while waiting for their ceremony to begin
Bride looks back at the camera as she walks along the residence inn balcony
Bride and her bridal party laugh together as they take portraits with the city of Boise in the background
Wedding party begins walking through downtown Boise to get to the wedding venue and begin the ceremony
Wedding party walks down the street together through downtown Boise on their way to the wedding at Beside Bardenay
Unplugged ceremony sign asking guests to put their phones away at Beside Bardenay
detail photo of a black wedding sign welcoming guests into the Bardenay wedding venue
Detail photo of the wedding day timeline sign at beside bardenay.
Detail photo of the donut wall that was set up with pastry perfection donuts in Bardenay
Detail photo of pastry perfection donuts sitting on a donut holder at the wedding at beside bardenay
Pastry perfection wedding cake during the wedding at Beside Bardenay
Cake cutting knife set detail photo at the wedding at Beside Bardenay
Father of the bride delivers his daughter to her groom at the end of the aisle during the wedding at beside bardenay
photo of the bride and groom looking at each other as they give each other their rings in front of the brick wall at beside bardenay
Bride and groom share their first kiss after they were pronounced husband and wife
The bride and groom clink together their tequila shot glasses after their wedding ceremony in Beside Bardenay
Bride and groom knock back a tequila shot as they have their first shot as a married couple after their ceremony
Bride leads her groom down the aisle after their beside bardenay wedding ceremony
Detail shot of the beside bardenay wedding reception decor
Detail shot of the dark greenery and black decor set up for the downtown boise wedding reception
Detail photo of the industrial elegant decor for the wedding reception at Beside Bardenay
Bride and groom share their first dance on the dance floor during their wedding reception at Beside bardenay
Bride and groom share a drink with the Best Man after he gave his speech during the wedding reception at Beside Bardenay
Bride and groom begin cutting their pastry perfections wedding cake in downtown Boise wedding venue, beside Bardenay
Bride and groom share a pastry perfections donut together as their first donut at their beside bardenay wedding reception
Bride and groom feed each other Pastry Perfection donuts during their wedding at Beside Bardenay
Guests share a shot with the bride and groom during the Beside Bardenay wedding reception
Bride and groom dance together on the dance floor during their downtown boise wedding at Beside Bardenay
Bride and groom dance together at Beside Bardenay, during their downtown Boise wedding



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