Engagement Session in The Sawtooth Mountains

engagement session in the sawtooth mountains

Ashley and Morgan grew up in Northern Idaho, exploring the beauty of the lavish forests and mountains that dot the landscape. Although northern Idaho is undoubtedly gorgeous, they wanted to explore a little more of our state for their engagement session. An engagement session in the Sawtooth Mountains was the perfect choice for this adventurous couple.

Ashley and Morgan decided on a late spring day towards the end of April. We drove up from Boise to meet them while they drove down from Spokane Valley. When we got there, the peaks of the Sawtooth Mountains were dusted with snow, and the town of Stanley was quiet, not ready for summer quite yet. When we met up with Ashley and Morgan, we all quickly realized that it was quite a bit chillier than we had been anticipating. With the brisk wind and the dark clouds covering the sun, it didn’t take long before we were all shivering and breaking out the hand warmers. We had to take a couple of breaks to warm up in the car, Morgan sweetly helping warm up Ashley’s hands with his own. But, Ashley and Morgan didn’t let the cold stop them, and were such troopers braving the freezing winds and taking our posing directions. Regardless of the cloudy weather, the love between them shined through and the photos turned out so beautiful. We can’t wait to adventure with them again later this year for their beautiful Northern Idaho wedding!

xx Jackie

image of the sawtooth mountains on film
couple holds hands during their Sawtooth mountains engagement session
close up photo of couple walking together during their engagement session in stanley, idaho
close up photo of engagement ring during couple session in Stanley
artistic wedding photography in Stanley
couple kisses during their idaho engagement session
couple walks together during their engagement session in the sawtooth mountains
couple kisses with the sawtooth mountains in the background
couple holds hands and walks toward the mountains in stanley during their engagement session
couple hugs each other during their idaho engagement session
couple warms each other up inside of their car
couple laughs together in the wind during their engagement session in the Sawtooth mountains



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