Boise Lifestyle Newborn Session – Thomas Family

New mother and father holding their newborn baby in his nursery during their Boise Lifestyle newborn session

Boise Lifestyle newborn session with the Thomas family

We first met Kim and Colby years ago when they first contacted us for their wedding. We had previously done a wedding for one Kim’s coworkers, and he had excitedly shown her their wedding video. She then contacted us about her wedding as well! We worked with them for their engagement session, then their wedding. Then they decided they wanted to use the adventure session included in their collection for an anniversary shoot. We then reached out to them a couple of months before their anniversary to start planning out their session. Kim surprised us with the news that she was pregnant! We decided to wait a little longer and instead do a lifestyle newborn session in Boise once the baby was born.

Baby Brooks

Kim and Colby invited us into their home a couple of weeks after baby Brooks arrived. We immediately noticed how perfectly at ease they were despite having just stepped into their new roles as parents. We began documenting how they interacted with Brooks and the sweet moments they shared as a little family. It was already obvious to us that he was definitely Kim and Colby’s child, as he was the calmest and sweetest little baby we’ve probably ever been around. He was wide awake for most of the time we were there taking photos, content to just sit in his parents arms and watch the world around him. I don’t think we even heard him cry the entire time we were there!

It was so great being able to see Kim and Colby once again, and be able to watch their little family grow. We are so grateful to them for allowing us to be a part of so many amazing milestones in their lives. We can’t wait to see where life takes this little family!

xx Jackie

Mother cradles newborn baby's feet in her hand, black and white lifestyle session newborn photo
New mother sits in her rocking chair holding her baby in her arms during a boise lifestyle newborn session
Grandmother holding her new grandson while sitting in a rocking chair during a newborn lifestyle session
Black and White photo of a new father with his son in his nursery
New father kisses his baby on the nose in front of his crib
New mother and father smile and look down at their newborn son during their Boise lifestyle newborn session
Black and white photo of mom and dad holding their newborn in front of his crib
Photo taken from above of new father holding his newborn son during their boise lifestyle newborn session
Detail shot boise lifestyle newborn session baby feet
New father kisses his newborn son on the head as his mother holds him during their boise lifestyle newborn session
overhead shot of newborn baby in his crib with a waffle blanket on top of him during a boise lifestyle newborn session
Baby Brooks lays in his crib with his arms up during the boise lifestyle newborn session
Parents holding their newborn son in his crochet outfit during their boise lifestyle newborn session
New mother looking down on her newborn son and smiling



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