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Couple stand on a rooftop of a parking garage holding each other and showing an engagement ring during their engagement session in Seattle
Romantic downtown Seattle engagement session with Jackie and RJ

Ok, I just want to preface this by saying Photographer Jackie and Engaged Jackie are two different people, but they have the same name. I will be referring to Photographer Jackie as J for this post to try to make it less confusing!

Engaged couple on a Seattle rooftop parking garage with their two dogs during their city engagement session

Oftentimes, when J and I travel to Seattle for a photoshoot or a wedding, we find ourselves venturing out somewhere outside of the city or up in the mountains. However, when Jackie and RJ came to us and told us they wanted something a little more distinctive to fit their fun personalities, we were all for it. We came together and decided that having a night out wandering the city would be absolutely perfect, so a downtown Seattle engagement session was fitting.

Photo of a couples dog on a parking garage in downtown seattle during their engagement session
Planning organized chaos

After scouting many different locations, J created an itinerary to lead us through different locations throughout the city. This would start with us at the top of a parking garage and lead our way down to the place where Jackie and RJ had one of their first dates. After some planning, we found the perfect locations for that downtown city vibe Jackie and RJ had been looking for. With the plans made and the date set, it was time for us to pack up our camera gear and jump on a plane. We headed out for a night in Seattle.

We had a few hours before our flight back home, but we really wanted to make every minute count. Upon arriving at the first location and discovering it was closed due to unforeseeable reasons, we improvised and found another parking garage nearby that was open. Had that not worked out, J had some backup locations readily available.

After some laughs and some puppy filled photos, we headed down and made our way through downtown to head towards the waterfront. We stopped a few times for some photos in locations that struck our fancy. Like an alley way for a red brick backdrop. With daylight quickly fading into the horizon, we headed to The Seattle Great Wheel. This is where as mentioned above, Jackie and RJ had spent one of their first dates together. We spend most of our time on the docks, just watching, and capturing them as they were.

dark and romantic vibes

Although we had only spent a few hours with them, upon meeting them it had quickly become apparent to both of us just how much Jackie and RJ loved to spend time together. The way they laughed, the way they looked at each other. The way that all the tension and nerves from having two cameras constantly pointed at them disappeared as soon as they had any sort of contact with each other. Their constant joking around and playfulness seemed to demonstrate their relationship perfectly.

Finally, after a beautiful sunset, it was time for us to head back to the airport. This ended an evening that left us both delighted to be their wedding photographers.

xx Michael



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