Amber + Dylan | Hidden Lake Engagement in Cascade, Idaho | Jackie and Michael Photography

Couple embraces while man kisses his fiancee on the forehead with pine tree in the background

Amber and Dylan love spending their time hiking to the most beautiful mountaintops imaginable. During their photoshoot, we learned so much about the places they have been and the places they plan on going. Their engagement was just another step closer to be able to spend the rest of their lives together. They made it clear they wanted a location that captured them as they are. Not only two people who love to explore as much as time allows, but two people who have found love for one another. So when it came time to capture their engagement, it was no surprise they were willing to make the steep hike up to a gorgeous hidden lake in Cascade, Idaho.

Couple taking engagement photos embrace while man nuzzles his fiancees neck
Black and white photo of couple's corgi.

Along with bringing themselves, they also brought the third member of their little family. Their pup Banjo joins them on all of their adventures. They (as well as we) found it fitting to bring him along. We spent the time capturing them as they were: enjoying the view, but most importantly, loving each other’s company. 

xx Michael



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